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i thought it prudent to share some experiences i've had lately with two isv's that have shined above the rest of those that i've been dealing with.

over the course of the past week/month i've been working on several projects involving 3rd party web controls.  in each of my experiences, i've run into challenges and questions.  some vendors never respond.  others are awesome...two cases in point:

1) aspNetEmail: www.aspnetemail.com

Dave Wanta is great.  with every support request i get an immediate response in less than a day (sometimes immediately).  i've been really putting one of the components of this tool through the test...and dave has been responding.  i tell him my needs as a customer and how a change would make this much more valuable and save me time -- suddenly i get a new version of the tool in my inbox with exactly what i asked for -- that is awesome.

2) WebUI 2.1: www.componentart.com

this suite of tools is awesome...period.  for asp.net web controls these are great.  asp.net 2 will implement some of these and it remains to be seen whether they will be as flexible.  this vendor as well has been ultra responsive to issues and helped me through a potential problem that i was experiencing...the forums are great and they are extremely dedicated to helping the customer get the most value out of those tools.

to the other isvs whose SSL is expired (so i won't buy a new license) or haven't had any updates in a year, or don't respond, or respond with “by design” -- take note: understand your customer needs...listen to them, work with us (customers) to make your product better -- most of the time we aren't whining...we're wanting to use YOUR tools to be more productive.

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