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inspired by scott hanselmen's post about What Great .NET Developers Ought to Know, as well as the rush of interviews i've been conducting lately to fill sharepoint positions, i started compiling a list of questions for what a sharepoint consultant developer/architect (or fill in your own title) ought to know...here it is...

please comment on more questions -- this was my 30 second list that i'll be adding to.

What SharePoint consultants Ought to Know

Everyone who can spell SharePoint

what is SharePoint?
  • what is the difference between SharePoint Portal Server and Windows SharePoint Services?
  • what is a document library?
  • what is a meeting workspace?
  • what is a document workspace?
  • what is a web part?
  • Mid-level SharePoint Consultant

    • what is the difference between a document library and a form library?
    • what is a web part zone?
    • how is security managed in SharePoint?
    • how are web parts developed?
    • what is a site definition?
    • what is a template?
    • how do you install web parts?
    • what is the difference between a site and a web?
    • what are the differences between web part page gallery, site gallery, virtual server gallery and online gallery?
    • what is the GAC?
    • what is a DWP?
    • what is CAML?
    • what are themes?
    • what is presence?
    • can web parts be connected? if so, how?
    • what is a personal view and what is a shared view?
    • what is an STP file?
    • what is an FWP file?
    • can you upload MP3's to SharePoint?
    • how does SharePoint support MS Outlook integration?
    • how can you extend lists in SharePoint?
    • explain the document versioning in SharePoint document libraries

    Senior SharePoint Consultant

    • where are web part resources contained?
    • what are the different installation methods for deploying web parts? and what are the pros/cons?
    • what is a ghosted/unghosted page?
    • how is site data stored?
    • where is metadata for a web stored?
    • what is an audience and describe the use?
    • what are the trust levels and what is the default trust associated with SharePoint?
    • what are the two logging mechanisms for usage statistics?
    • what functionality does owssup.dll provide for client side activities?
    • what is the difference between a site owner and a site administrator?
    • what is STSAdm and what can it be used for?
    • can WSS search subsites?
    • can you register alerts for users?
    • are PDFs searchable?

    SharePoint Architect

    • what is a SharePoint farm?
    • describe a large deployment
    • how can you synchronize custom Active Directory attributes to SharePoint?
    • if it is anticipated that our organization would need to store 1 terrabyte of documents, what is the recommended configuration and storage requirement?
    • describe the implementation of SharePoint and Project Server
    • what are the BKMs for workflow and SharePoint?
    • explain how you would deploy SharePoint on an extranet
    • what is the BKM for maximum number of virtual servers configured for SharePoint on a single box?
    • what are the migration strategies for moving sites around?
    • what are the archiving strategies?
    • describe the search strategies
    • can you implement forms-based authentication with SharePoint?
    • describe how single sign-on works

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