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so today wrapped up our technology summit where we invited key people in the competitive industry to come and have some time for an open discussion with a lot of key people...here are some of those key people to name a few

  • don box
  • anders hejlsberg
  • martin taylor
  • eric rudder
  • chris anderson
  • scott guthrie
  • rick rashid
  • clr team

there were more, but as you could imagine, these are some big names at ms -- people who have influential capability.  this was a great event in my opinion, allowing me to better understand the competitive landscape as well as get a feel for some of ms' position on the matter.  i see good things coming out of the feedback of the group.  i share the group's sentiments about whether their input to the ms teams will be heard and better understood (read: take some of the ideas/concerns into consideration during planning phases).  i think it will.  chris anderson showed a great demo at the end of avalon (which you can get the ctp bits now by the way) thar really wowed some of the crowd, especially the flash guys in the room -- the adaptive ui is cool.  chris was kind enough to join our evening event as well and talk more with the guys who came (despite his wife's attempts to pull him away ;-)).

we had some key people from the competitive landscape join us.  out of respect for their privacy, i won't list who they were, but some were very public so i'll list their blogs:

it was a great event, i got to meet my extended team and they are a bunch of great guys.  i look forward to more of these collaborative efforts!

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