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You are invited to attend a Visual Studio 2005 training class. Microsoft is pleased to offer this training to our customersno charge: What's New in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 for existing Visual Studio .NET Developers This two-day instructor-led workshop will provide the student with a focused environment to experience the new features and functionality of the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 product. Audience This workshop is intended for experienced, professional software developers who are already skilled in building software using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET or Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003,including those employed by independent software vendors or those who work on corporate enterprise development teams. At Seminar Completion After completing this seminar, students will be able to:
  • Apply knowledge of new productivity features and functionality in Visual Studio 2005 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to develop software more efficiently
  • Write applications that use the Microsoft Visual Basic and Microsoft Visual C#programming language enhancements
  • Build managed code to run inside SQL Server 2005 (codename "Yukon")
  • Write data access code using the improved functionality in ADO.NET
  • Build Microsoft Windows Forms applications using new controls and new functionality in the Visual Studio 2005 IDE designers
  • Deploy rich client applications usingthe new ClickOnce application deployment functionality
  • Build ASP.NET Web applications using new controls and new functionality in the Visual Studio 2005 IDE designers
  • Use the improved enterprise development tools to aid in the design, build and deployment of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) applications
Prerequisites Before attending this seminar, students must have: Experience (at least 1 year) as a full-time developer using Visual Studio .NET or Visual Studio .NET 2003 Experience in developing applications in one or more of the following fields: Web Application Windows Forms Application Server Component XML Web Services Student Materials The student kit includes a comprehensive workbook and other necessary materials for this class. Seminar Dates and Location: August 30th and 31th , 9:00am -pm Venetian Resort Hotel Casino 3355 Las Vegas Blvd South Las Vegas, NV 89109 Register today at:http://www.microsofttraining.com/devonsites Class/Invitation ID 304037

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