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please please…if you provide an installer with program group shortcuts…make a program group shortcut to the uninstaller!

but, windows has an uninstall control panel where you can get to it

sure, but you provide program group shortcuts to help files that are also in the products, so the “you can get to it another way” isn’t a valid excuse if you already provide shortcuts to things you can get to in other ways.

also…if you develop .net components, please strong-name them.  if you claim to be fully CAS compliant, then you must…otherwise you lie ;-) — and if you think i’m lying, you’re wrong — try implementing a CAS policy using publey key token without a strong named assembly ;-) — sure that’s one implementation and you can do it other ways, but to be fully CAS compliant you should be able to support *any* way the consumer might utilize your component!

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