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i've just posted the latest version of feedreader to my site for download.  there are some things you should know:

  • there is no compatability between any prior version.  yes this sucks, and i'm kinda mad about it myself, but hey, it's free.  there are good reasons for this break in compat, so deal with it ;-)
  • new syndication library with broader support for feeds (and improved performance)
  • international language support (yeah, special characters! --vi kanne se våre omgangsspråk nå!)
  • removed the branding/copyright from the initial user view (moved to toolpane...hey, it's still free)
  • changed option on how to filter feeds (can use none, days, item count)
  • initial support for Atom 0.3 format -- there may be some kinks with this one, so if you see some, let me know
  • added collapse/expand capabilities for description viewing
  • removed dependency on sharepoint image files, all self contained
  • special note: i no longer include a sharepoint installer (just an msi installer to deploy the files)...the reason is simple...you should decide how you want to install it...i won't force you either way.

i hope you like it...if you don't, let me know why.

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