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well, we just finished yesterday with the .net rocks roadtrip visiting phoenix.  it was great to host these guys and i appreciated palermo4 setting it all up for our community.

after the show, which was well attended and a different audience than our normal phoenix crowd, carl and richard invited us into the “boat” to record a show.

a few of the smart guys from terralever where there to chat about integrating asp.net web services and applications into flash applications and some of the challenges faced with that implementation.  We also had noah in there who was trying to get richard’s job, which was pretty funny — he had a good pitch though.  one of our new visual basic mvp’s, steele price, also stopped by to chat along with a few other pretty smart devs (or at least that’s what they tell me) ;-).

in between the recording of interviews, i had a chance to chat with richard/carl about random stuff and podcasting.  the conversation was certainly geeky at times, but i learned a lot about how they make their show the best.  these guys really are professionals and take this seriously.  from noise cancelling, to edit points, to subtle queues, they really have it down.  truly the original podcast.  we chatted about podcasting and how i felt everyone is a podcaster now, diluting the real value of the meaning of podcast feeds (i.e., information to you).  i think there are some out there just to be out there — but .net rocks is really a professional show.  the beauty apparently is (not only the content of course) in the post-editing to make the show the quality, in both content and audio, and jeff is the man for their show.  he does a great job with the voodoo that he doo.  i didn’t get a chance to meet jeff, but i have a better appreciation for the time he spends editing.

all-in-all, it was a great experience, and i really felt richard/carl are great, sincere, down-to-earth guys…even if richard is canadian ;-) — but i had a great time geeking out (still trying to explain it to my wife) till the wee hours of the evening…thanks guys! oh yeah, and the clementine renditions were pretty good too!

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