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i'm sitting in the lobby of the mariott courtyard hotel in henderson, nv preparing for a customer meeting on visual studio 2005 in a few hours.  they didn't have a hotel room ready for me yet (got here real earl), and because i traveled on the plane in comfortable clothes (read: t-shirt, exercise pants), i had to change in the mens restroom into some decent attire ;-)

anywhoo -- behind me appears to be an interview table.  earlier when i walked by someone else was there talking with this guy.  now for the past 45 minutes or so i've been listening to the interviewer *try* to interview this guy.  i say try because this guy keeps telling anecdote after anecdote and won't directly answer the interview questions.  i applaud the interviewer, he is being patient and cordial -- and continues with all the questions.  it sounds like a manager/sales position for a medical type job -- and for some reason this guy brought photos of a store he managed that was broken into -- the photos were of the break in.  i was thinking back to my msft interview and don't remember bringing photos of the dings in my car, but i guess to each his own!

sometimes i love unintentional evesdropping -- it's very entertaining.

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