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everytime i travel i seem to find myself ranting on wireless access. i'm in seattle. they don't have free wireless.

with cities making wireless more of a utility in their neighborhoods, it got me thinking about public access.  i recently switched to verizon and use their evdo data network.  now at seattle, i don’t have to complain anymore (although i found a 1xRTT spot and EVDO spot about 20 feet away from each other — weird).  no free wireless, no problem, plug in my treo with my mini-sync (which is charging it at the same time), connect w/pdanet and i have high speed wireless (free? of course not, i’m paying for the data plan on my phone).

this got me thinking to my normal rants on wireless in airports.  i think the airlines should step in.  in my area i usually have a choice between 2–3 low cost carriers.  i choose one because i’m a loyal customer.  but it got me thinking.  would i choose the other if they offered free wireless in their terminal areas?  i have to say i’d think about it more given long travel wait times these days.  i think airlines have an opportunity here to increase their competitive offerings.  offer free wireless in your terminal areas.  maybe even offer a few kiosk terminals for the people without machines.

oh, and the lightening…that’s what is allowing me to write this post.  my plane is delayed as coming inbound it was struck by lightening.  would you reboard this plane?

gate attendant: “we’re holding off boarding because the plane was struck by lightening coming into seattle.”
me (thinking): huh, i guess i can at least apreciate them being honest, but it doesn’t leave the happiest feeling as i have no idea what lightening does to a plane…i have a pretty good idea what it does to trees, humans, houses, etc.
20 minutes pass…
gate attendant: “we appreciate your patience.  it appears there is a chunk out of the aft tail.  it looks like an animal bite and they are having some engineers take a look at the plane’s schematics to see if it is affected.”
me (thinking): animal bite chunk?  hmm…that doesn’t sound good.
(looking out window of gate): looks like they called in a specialist from a competing airline
me (thinking and still looking out window): what does it mean when all the engineers walk away from the plane?  my guess: animal bite chunk != this plane leaving.

updated: plain scheduled to leave 17:15.  plane will be leaving 23:20 — nice.  off to find a cozy place to sit and wifi-away!

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