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PDC is coming…it’s only a few weeks away.  Are you going?  I am and I couldn’t be more excited.  I’m coming in Sunday and helping with a workshop on Monday.  Then the rest of the week will likely be a blur.

If you are going (and even if you aren’t), there is one party you will not want to miss.  Last year "The Underground @ PDC” was a great party and gathering of geeks.  The Gu, Scott Guthrie, was there.  As was Don Box and Scott Hanselman dishing out the geek humor and flames toward one another.  It was great.  And the venue for the after-geekiness was amazing…one of the coolest pubs/bar/whatever I’ve been to.

Well, it’s back.

Underground at PDC logo

This year it’s at a place called the Conga Room, which looks to be a latin fusion kind of place.  If there is a Buena Vista Social Club-like band or any form of Mariachi, you might not be able to pull me away. 

The Gu is on the agenda as well for this party.  The best part about this party: FREE.  The only catch – you need an invitation code.  I’ve got one at the bottom of this post.

This event/party is being provided by one of the evangelism teams at Microsoft.  Last year I had a great time mingling with folks and seeing a bunch of live podcast interviews going on with some of the names you’d recognize in the geek world.  It was a blast.  This year promises to be no different. 

You don’t have to be a PDC attendee to go to the party…if you are a SoCal developer and couldn’t make it to PDC, this is for you – you simply have to register.  If you can make it (please don’t register ‘just because’) – visit the registration site and use the RSVP code: arpile.  This code is good for a limited amount of registrations…once it’s gone, it’s gone.  This code is at it's maximum registrations.  Follow UndergroundPDC on Twitter where they will be giving out more codes.  I’ve heard about a very cool special surprise that will be there too – can’t say anything though – I’ll be uninvited…and I don’t want that.

I hope to see you at PDC and at The Underground @ PDC!

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