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Callisto Migration Tip: Menus

I’m continuing in my series of helping to provide Callisto migration tips to use new Windows 8.1 features. In a recent post I talked about the Flyout control and provided the path to the platform-provided features. In Callisto, the Menu control was provided as sort of a prescribed content for the Flyout control. In fact you really couldn’t use Menu without Flyout. This guide will help you change to the platform-provided MenuFlyout now available in Windows 8.1. API Differences On the public surface area, there aren’t actually many changes here. Windows 8.1 MenuFlyout provides more...

Callisto Migration Tip: Flyouts

This is another post in my series of providing migration tips from certain Callisto controls to using Windows 8.1 features. I previously demonstrated probably the most popular Callisto control, the SettingsFlyout. Coming in a very close second in popularity is the Flyout control. The Flyout is a concept of a non-modal small dialog for information and commands. The primary use case for a lot of Flyouts was something from Button areas, namely the AppBar. Getting the experience right was not intuitively easy using a Popup primitive as you had to handle the right...

Callisto: A toolkit for XAML Metro style apps

With the announcement of the Windows 8 Release Preview and matching Visual Studio 2012 RC I’m pleased to share some work that has been a result of my own personal app building, collaborating with some friends during their app building as well as porting some helpful projects that I’ve found helpful in my development. Disclosure: At the time of this writing I do work for Microsoft, but this has been a personal effort from my own app development and during my own time (late nights and weekends).  I am not able to upload apps to the...


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