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use expression encoder for creating media applications?  want to put them on ?  frustrated perhaps that you have to create a zip file with manifests and such?  look no further!

james clarke writes about a feature just added to expression encoder (via a download) where you can now add 'publish to silverlight streaming' after your encoding job is completed.  w00t!

you'll need to get the encoder plugin (assuming you have encoder first) and just install that.  the post on james' site walks you through the steps, but it is a no brainer.  i'd previously written about customizing your own encoder templates as well and making them a part of the encoder selection options for output.  good thing is that those custom templates are just like any other and they are supported for this plugin as well.  in fact, one of my last posts that used silverlight streaming was uploaded by this tool, using a custom template as well.  very cool, very fast to get up and running using someone else's bandwidth (and for free) :-).

11/1/2007 9:24 AM | # re: silverlight streaming for media apps made simpler
Hi Tim;
Is there any plan that MSFT will provide an SDK that developers can use in SL 1.1 or web service to do encoding in batch mode rather than using Encoder Expression?
This way if I write an application that end user uploads a Video, I can encode it in SL or as Web service and then save it on data center.
11/1/2007 9:33 AM | # re: silverlight streaming for media apps made simpler
ben: you can do this today. expression encoder allows you to save the job settings to an XML file. the encoder UI is a nice wrapper around the actual tool which can be run from a command line. so your users can upload a file, and you can run a batch file pointing to the uploaded file and the job profile.
11/13/2007 11:46 PM | # re: silverlight streaming for media apps made simpler
Is there a sample that we can download from.? Thanks.
11/26/2007 4:49 PM | # re: silverlight streaming for media apps made simpler
architect: i'm not sure what you are asking for?
12/13/2007 2:59 AM | # re: silverlight streaming for media apps made simpler
Hi Tim,
I want to export my chapter settings (timespan, thumbnail image, chapter name) in XML, is there anyway i co do that, we can only save the job file in XML but it does't help me.
11/11/2008 5:10 AM | # re: silverlight streaming for media apps made simpler
can I make the same environment on our server, if yes what we have to do so?
11/11/2008 6:32 AM | # re: silverlight streaming for media apps made simpler
Nisha: Silverlight Streaming is a full content delivery network. The final request is deivering a XAP file to the browser...in essence if you have a web server, you already have that. If you are looking to emulate the scale of SLS, then you should be asking yourself if you are equipped to be a CDN with the same capabilities of global scale and content delivery.

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