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Debugging Silverlight with Visual Studio and Firefox

Suppose you use Firefox as your default web browser and you are a Silverlight developer using Visual Studio.  You may have been frustrated at times in being able to get the debugger to attach to your breakpoints.  You’ve triple-checked that you are in debug mode, that the Silverlight checkbox is marked in the hosting web application’s property pages and it still is not breaking for you.  You stare at the dreaded empty red circle in Visual Studio reading the tooltip of “No debug symbols have been loaded…” a thousand times. But it works in Internet Explorer. I’ve faced...

Screencast of Silverlight installation on Linux

If you haven’t been aware, there has been a team at Novell working hard to make a version of Silverlight for Linux.  This version, called Moonlight, has been in development since WPF/e it was first shown at the MIX conference (which by the way is happening in March with some really exciting stuff, so be sure to register for MIX09!).  Moonlight hit beta this past December 2008 and the team has already been working on Moonlight 2 which is the Silverlight 2 compatible version. Right now, Moonlight 1.0 serves as a functional equivalent to the Silverlight 1.0 runtime, which...

Firefox 3 and Silverlight

Well today (17 JUN 2008) will be the release of Firefox 3, a seemingly much anticipated browser update.  I checked out an earlier build (I think beta 2) and it was a nice browser.  I’m not a browser zealot, I use what works for me and IE works for me, has some tools that I like, etc.  Firefox is a fine browser as well and I do use some plugins from time to time in my Firefox install. Today, I assume a lot of people will be downloading FF3 whether by explicit choice or by a prompt from their FF2 browser...

Providing a great Silverlight deployment experience

If you are doing Silverlight development, you are no doubt slapping in the <object> tag or using the <asp:silverlight> control (if in ASP.NET) to host your Silverlight content/application.  This is all great, but don't forget about deployment! When I talk about Silverlight I like to relay a story I heard from one of the Silverlight program managers (PM) a while back.  The PM was pretty excited about a feature just completed in Silverlight and one of the samples that had been created.  He went home to show his wife and told her to 'go to 'dub-dub-dub-dot-something-dot-com' (yelling from the other room...

sharepoint and firefox

a while back i wrote a post about sharepoint and firefox...i saw a trackback to this in a forum indicating a lot of rant for microsoft not including this support.  in my original post i made reference to a partner that was enabling this for firefox users.  the link is in the post but i'll make it here again. telerik and cross-browser editor for sharepoint 2007 done.  get it (free btw) and install it.  they have a doc to help you configure/install. there, so no more complaining :-) tags: sharepoint, telerik, radeditor, moss, moss 2007, firefox, rich editor

stylish for firefox

i was messing around and following some rather deep links on some blogs i was reading and came across john hicks' site where he has been creating new skins for some web applications.  how you say?  well, unknown to me (i use IE mostly) there is a really cool firefox add-on called stylish, that enables you to create/manage custom stylesheets for specific urls.  so basically when you visit a url, you can say 'whenever i visit this url, use this stylesheet instead' and it renders how you want. you may wonder why you would want to do that, and in...


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