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SNEAK PEEK: New Silverlight application themes

‘Twas the week before MIX, when all through the tubes Not a developer was sleeping, not even the noobs. The laptops were paved removed of their glitz In hopes that they soon will get some new bits. A developer was coding, building an app Trying to build the next greatest XAP Battleship gray?! Now that’s obscene Check our designers’ latest theme Okay, so I’m not going to win any poetry awards.  Our UX design team for Silverlight has been thinking about app building a lot this past year,...

Getting started with Silverlight: Part 6 – Polish the UI with Styles and Templates

This is part 6 in a series on getting started with Silverlight.  To view the index to the series click here. You can download the completed project files for this sample application in C# or Visual Basic. We now have a functioning application but could use some more polish.  Let’s make the data template for the search results look a little better.  We’re going to modify a few things in the data template in Search.xaml for the ItemsControl.  These modifications can be done in Blend just like we have been doing with the editing template features.  This...

Skinning Silverlight controls just got easier

This has been one of the features that I’ve been excited about for a while since I heard we were changing it.  With the release of Silverlight 2 Beta 2 and the updated preview of Expression Blend 2.5 (June 2008), skinning and styling controls within Silverlight gets a bunch easier. When Silverlight 2 Beta 1 was released there was the possibility of styling/skinning controls.  It wasn’t impossible, but perhaps a bit obfuscated to the eye for people with short attention spans like myself.  You can read more about those methods here and here.  WPF designers were...


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