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wanted to share some pics with you more pics at desert code camp on flickr:

Computer Common screen saver

screen saver on the computer commons

Geeks at play

and videos from the afternoon geek rockout:

ac/dc’s ‘back in black’ clip

super mario in electric guitar

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just a quick shout-out to those who attended the desert code camp this past saturday!

i think we had a good turnout and the resulting evaluations were great!  some of the comments that i found particularly interesting were:

“Nowhere else you can find so much info condensed in short amount of time for an unbeatable price! The event is very good and very well organized.”

“Really impressed how this event was organized.  Never expected such a large crowd for this event.  I met so many people.  The fact that this was not tied to any technology or platform makes it really cool.  I got to learn a lot from this event.”

Best local event I have been to to date.  You provided excellent facilities, sessions, speakers.  Job well done.”

this was truly a great cooperative effort with the local communities.  i know a lot went into the planning of this from various user group leaders representing each different technologies — a great collaborative effort…kudos to the team including lorin, anthony, scott, patrick, meredith and all the others who greatly contributed!

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the atlas control tookit has been refreshed – read here from shawn

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all the MIX sessions are now available online:

Sessions here: http://sessions.mix06.com/
More here: http://blog.mix06.com/blog/archive/2006/05/03/2367.aspx
And here: http://blogs.msdn.com/mswanson/archive/2006/05/03/589692.aspx


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consolas is a pretty sweet monospace font — cleaner than courier and less ‘typewriter-ish’ — this is a font that is going to be a part of vista, and was also in the office 2007 bits…but microsoft has now made it available.

get the consolas font pack

once you do, you can make it your font in visual studio, as well as in command prompt windows.