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check it: www.codeplex.com

read james’ announcement for the finer details

basically — think community workspaces: source code, work item tracking, discussions, wiki, teams, security, release management.

some projects that may be appearing there: atlas control toolkit; NUnitLite, IronPython.

i’m working on getting feedreader up there within a few weeks (hopefully).

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way off topic, but pretty funny...

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the official release of web application projects is here!

download web application projects

this is to maintain the vs2003 feel of web projects, but get the benefits of vs2005 (more importantly asp.net 2.0) features.

if you are migrating a v1.1 app, this is for you!!!

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i just got a ‘a new version is available’ when i logged into my msn windows live messenger.

so being the beta monkey i am, i installed it and was immediately reminded of my pet peeves of installers:

  • PROVIDE AN UNINSTALL LINK (not the case here, but always like to make that point — and no, the add/remove program doesn’t count — it’s not mother-in-law proof)
  • don’t install a shortcut to
    • my main start menu (program group okay)
    • my quickstart toolbar
    • my desktop
    • THESE ARE ALL MY SPACES — leave them alone — i’ll organize what i think is important, don’t tell me what/where you think things are important
  • PRESERVE MY SETTINGS – installing messenger live didn’t preserve my settings/preferences — it popped up the login screen upon restart (which i turned off) and when i logged in it shows some friggin today screen (which i turned off)

for crying out loud people — listen to the user — if i already had it installed, install it the same way.  if i didn’t, let ME choose how to install (and not through a custom option — give me all the options up front).


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wanted to share some pics with you more pics at desert code camp on flickr:

Computer Common screen saver

screen saver on the computer commons

Geeks at play

and videos from the afternoon geek rockout:

ac/dc’s ‘back in black’ clip

super mario in electric guitar