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i’ve been using gmail as a shell to my mail.  i don’t really *use* gmail, but i like their interface and it’s easy to use, so i guess i do use it :-)

anyhow, i started using it once they enabled the “from” address customization, where i could set the from address to one of my liking.

until recently when i’ve realized it isn’t exactly doing what i thought/want.  when i get a message in my outlook i see [email protected] on behalf of [email protected]” (obviously changed the email addresses to protect spam here) which isn’t exactly the desired outcome.

a quick review of the headers shows:

From: [email protected]
Sender: [email protected]

so if gmail offers the feature, why do they need to alter the sender header?  why not make the from really who i want it to be from?  after all, isn’t that what they are selling as the feature?


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Valleyschwag2 May Shipment

got my Valleyschwag2 shipment today -- check out the goods!

apparently this is the last of the burlap shipments, which is understandable when they are hand-made!
click on the picture to go to the flickr pic with descriptions of each item.

check them out -- www.valleyschwag.com

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get them

office 2007 beta 2

vista beta 2

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iis.net just launched and refreshed!

check them out — great content on both!

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reg of web 2.0 central posted a recent topic on ‘Top 13 reasons to consider the Microsoft platform for Web 2.0 development’ — an interesting read!

reg was an invited guest at our microsoft technology summit — and learned a lot of things that he wasn’t aware of.  while he’s still moving forward with his site in PHP, he definitely has some reasons now to ponder ‘why?’

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