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if you haven’t seen the diet coke + mentos expirements, take a look on youtube or google video and search diet coke mentos and you’ll see some.

but if you want the bellagio version (200 bottles of diet coke synchronized to music) check this out:


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i’ve been using gmail as a shell to my mail.  i don’t really *use* gmail, but i like their interface and it’s easy to use, so i guess i do use it :-)

anyhow, i started using it once they enabled the “from” address customization, where i could set the from address to one of my liking.

until recently when i’ve realized it isn’t exactly doing what i thought/want.  when i get a message in my outlook i see [email protected] on behalf of [email protected]” (obviously changed the email addresses to protect spam here) which isn’t exactly the desired outcome.

a quick review of the headers shows:

From: [email protected]
Sender: [email protected]

so if gmail offers the feature, why do they need to alter the sender header?  why not make the from really who i want it to be from?  after all, isn’t that what they are selling as the feature?


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Valleyschwag2 May Shipment

got my Valleyschwag2 shipment today -- check out the goods!

apparently this is the last of the burlap shipments, which is understandable when they are hand-made!
click on the picture to go to the flickr pic with descriptions of each item.

check them out -- www.valleyschwag.com

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get them

office 2007 beta 2

vista beta 2

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iis.net just launched and refreshed!

check them out — great content on both!