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well after installing subtext and lurking around, i decided i was sick of the “designed by tech” skins.  don’t get me wrong, most of them were good, but let’s be honest…they are designed by non-designers most of the time.

after hunting around, i realized that i’d been playing around with ruby on rails lately and as well with typo.  i remembered that an author had created a pretty cool theme for typo called ‘origami’ — well i downloaded it, deciphered all the references and created my swag at a subtext skin based on that.

lo and behold, what you are viewing is it.  (note: if you are viewing/reading this through an rss/news/feed aggregator/reader, there is nothing to see here, move along). 

if you want it, you can download it:

there are three files in the zip — one of them is clearly labeled README.  if you don’t follow the steps and email me, i’m going to send you moldy bread from my fridge…seriously please read.

i’m making some modifications to subtext to include better tagging visibility and may put those up soon.

have fun!

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