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one of the things that developers ask me about is regarding the control set...more specifically...where is it.  well, i don't have a timeline for you, but there are a bunch of other people working on some samples and frameworks for .

just posted a layout and control framework for the silverlight 1.1 alpha.  check it out.

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well, the flickr4writer project had it's first community contribution (thanks simon).  a new minor release was updated today that incorporates one small bug fix and one feature change (ability to select multiple images).

release: Flickr4Writer v1.2.7.0516

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i remembered watching the super-bowl via esp.com and even mentioned my experience in a previous post.  well, tonight espn proves to be a winner for me again.  while watching the and randy johnson stomp on colorado, i moved to espn.com and their gamecast view...it is incredible.  i didn't have a tv nearby, so i have no idea how out-of-sync it was, but the play-by-play visuals were great, down to the diamond being the shape of the field where they are playing...here's a shot:

when a ball is hit, they even have an animated baseball going in the direction of the play and everything...well done crew, well done.  i know where i'll be peripherally watching from now on...espn.com gamecast!

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people are saying guy kawasaki is behind this latest site.  while i'm starting to see less value in twitter, when i opened up i shook my head.  it certainly looks/acts/feels like a twitter-ish type application...and the content surely has parity with twitter posts...here's a sample of some of the "rumors" posted:

    • "Jello wrestling for Charity?  Yes, it happens."
    • "the iphone gives you herpes"
    • "hey mark, give me a call later and we'll get dinner"
    • "the truemors homepage is easy to spam."
    • "Guy Kawasaki started this up? must be losing touch with reality."
    • "I heard that this site is going to fail miserably."

i'm leaning toward the last one...i just don't get it -- another place for everyone to post a random, meaningless, post of nonsense?


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or at least that is what i think is happening ;-)

check out silverlight from a flash developer perspective and some early findings...no IDE/tools used outside of a text editor and a very simple "game" is born...