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got a windows mobile phone?  don't want to wait until the official daylight savings time patch is available?  check out edgeblog's patch.  due to an energy act, daylight savings is changing in 2007.  this affects all technology vendors, including microsoft.  while a patch is available for windows, there is not yet one available for windows mobile, but the above patch essentially changes the registry to make it fixed.

UPDATE: added missing link

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i'm all for advertising your brand, etc.  but when it impacts my ability to use an application/website, it makes me mad.

take msnbc mobile for example...50 vertical pixels wasted:


a huge banner ad for windows mobile.  here's my questions:

  1. shouldn't the site know i'm already using windows mobile?
  2. shouldn't it know my device capabilities and realize that they just wasted my screen space
  3. what would msnbc publishers think that i can't even see the top headline...

this site has turned from a news site to a banner ad...hey anyone on msnbc listening?

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i have a 6-month old that has been sick the past few days.  ordinarily he's a great kid and just hangs out, never cries, keeps on a schedule, sleeps through the night, etc.  but we found his weakness: being sick.

our little guy has had a cough that my wife describes as sounding like he's 'barking like a seal' and he is not a happy child.  the past two nights he has slept probably a total of 45 minutes.  bless my wife for staying up with him while i sleep.

this morning i had an early morning trip so i relieved her about 4am to try to get him to sleep -- finally got him down at 4:30am and he was asleep still when i left at 5:45...hopefully she'll get some sleep.

man, sick sucks.

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this weekend lisa and i went skiing with some friends at in the arizona white mountains.  this was the second ski trip i've taken and needless to say, i'm a big time beginner...spending most of my time on the bunny hill or the easiest green run!  i brought my zune with me for the trip, thinking i'd play it while skiing and have some rockin' tunes to listen to as i go down the slopes.

well, i found a few problems in that concept (not zune specific).  i wired it up my shirt so that it wasn't in my way and that was ideal.  the problems, however, were not so easy -- when with a group, everyone tends to talk to each other, even on the lifts, etc.  having music in general made me 'that guy' who was always saying "what?"  i just wasn't a part of the conversation when i had it on.  i resorted to a one-ear experience so i could hear my surroundings...then the music sucked a bit.  the biggest problem was gloves.  i couldn't take them out of my ears, i wasn't able to easily change songs or put it on pause or change the volume.  gloves suck.

anyhow, while i had my zune, my wife had her iPod shuffle, which was a gift from some friends of ours.  man, that is a killer device for these scenarios (the ones where you just want music to be playing).  it was light, she could clip it anywhere, etc.  here's how she had it:


the buttons were okay enough that she could press them through her jacked most of the time...but it still wasn't easy.

so for this test: zune: 0, ipod shuffle: 1.  but that's what i expected to be honest...there's no way the current zune form factor is conducive to recreational activity.

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i've been a vonage customer for about 2 years (28 months according to them).  all-in-all i was satisfied with the service.  sometimes the quality wasn't that great, but as a technical person i understand latency, etc.  however, vonage still doesn't pass the mother-in-law factor test from a quality and reliability standpoint...i think VOIP technology is there, but if you are relying on a 3rd party (ISP) for the connectivity, it can become troublesome.

at any rate, as part of the new year, i've been just generally looking for ways to 1) cut recurring liabilities and 2) remove some hardware from the home office.  i decided vonage was something i didn't need anymore.  so i called to cancel.

yikes.  i didn't think it would be that painful.

vonage: why are you wanting to cancel today
me: well, just trying to reduce some costs
vonage: you've been a member for so long, are you sure you want to cancel?
me: yes, thank you
vonage: can i talk to you about different rate plans
me: no, just want to cancel and eliminate a cost
vonage: would you consider reducing the rate plan to something more affordable?
me: nope, just want to cancel and eliminate a cost
vonage: so what phone will you be using then?
me: well, one of the 3 that are already in my home probably, i just want to cancel
vonage: why not use vonage as a backup?
me: because i just want to cancel.
vonage: have you considered asking a friend or family member about using your vonage account?
me: nope, just want to cancel
vonage: what about a co-worker
me: i'm not interested in reselling my contract, just want to cancel
vonage: okay, please hold for 2-3 minutes while i note your account
me: (thinking) 2-3 minutes [which it did take] to 'note' my account...yikes

it was really a painful cancel process that i hadn't experienced before in other cancellations i've done.  vonage cancelers beware!