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shh...don't tell anyone...some sweet deals on windows mobile devices, including the new dash..

click here: super-secret-t-mobile-page

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so i've decided that i'm likely not going to see any sessions at devconnections.  i'm doing some major booth duty :-) -- but that's okay, the conferences are for the attendees to hammer on the microsoft guys anyway...i enjoy listening to the questions.

today we have (who at least i know from the show who's line is it anyway? running around the conference and harrassing people.  okay, he's not doing much of that, but this guy is funny.  we had a chance to talk with him as well...he was pretty funny and asked us some great questions about microsoft...although he was fascinated by our "evangelist" title more than anything:


(that's me, steve loethen, greg proops, and woody pewitt)

after that we had a great time hanging out at the exhibit hall opening and then hosted MSUnplugged in the evening:

Video: MSUnplugged

it was basically a 'grok talk' night where we had each person doing 10-minute demos.  we gave away some xbox 360's, readyboost flash drives, lifecams, blimps, and oh yeah...some .  i had a great time and hopefully the attendees did as well.

we'll be here the rest of the week, so stop by and say hello!

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it's true...windows vista released to manufacturing!

read from the windowsvistablog.com: windows vista releases to manufacturing

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following the rtm announcement of office 2007 (if you hadn't heard), the evening keynote at devconnections had ScottGu give the following announcements:

lots of great stuff and i'm sure more to come this week!

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it's been a few weeks since i've been on a plane...my last trip i had a bag big enough i needed to check anyway, so i paid no attention to the liquid restriction for myself -- although the warning signs were all over.

well, the tsa has 'loosened the restrictions' on liquids.  again, i have to ask the question of what research/tactic/preventative mechanism is now in place that makes the tsa confident that the problem is solved?  i worried when they first made the restriction that it would not be able to be revoked.  well, i stand corrected (sort of).  apparently there is a magic number of 3 ounces that makes it safe.  granted you can take AS MANY 3OZ ITEMS AS YOU WANT as long as they fit in a provided zip loc bag.  so, by the looks of the bag, i figured you could squeeze about 10 3oz containers in there (size varrying)...so 30 ounces of liquid.  now is that too much?  we'll never know because it is allowed.

the 3oz restriction is lame.  i understand the situation, and i can appreciate being safe...heck i'm not saying i don't want to be safe, but let's put some thought into this.  reducing the amount of liquid to a specific size, but not the overall amount is dumb, just dumb.  i mean, i'm not going to go through the scenarios, but i'm sure you could imagine it just doesn't make sense -- you should either allow them or not.

and if you do have the restrictions, empower the tsa to put some thought into it.  i had my deodorant...it is gel.  so i decided to get one of those plastic bags for me deo, contact lens solution, toothpaste, etc.  the tsa rep looked at my deodorant and said that it is not allowed (the container read 4oz).  i was quick to point out that clearly it was half way gone.  his response: "we can't measure items."  my interpretation: we're not being empowerd to look at a full container and determine that it is half gone and do the math.

that, my friends, is idiotic.