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No to msft

a book for sale: "Just say NO to Microsoft: How to ditch Microsoft AND why it's not as hard as you think." -- nice.

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Windows live mail

nice cheesy 'mailbox' on microsoft campus promoting windows live mail...

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i'm on our campus and we've got some new cans of water in the fridge...hard to see a bit:

Vista water

windows vista branded cans of lemon lime...mmm vistasty

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in the recent copy of business 2.0 magazine, there was an article about new services popping up regarding 'informal debt' (or informal loans).  these are those little i-owe-you's that you and your close friends/colleagues share.

you know, the ones with the guy at lunch: 'dude, i forgot my wallet, i'll get you next time' type things.

well, one looks simple and is free: ... the article talked about how it was inspired by a group of friends that traveled together a lot and decided they'd just start settling up on debts after the trip so they didn't have to worry about it too much.

pretty nice little idea -- i'll definitely use it.  you can send sms messages to your account to track the spends.  in the premium version, people can actually send you money via phone, etc.

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there is an interesting discussion going on over at eric nelson's blog.  why?  simple, here's the title of the post:

Time to move on from MSDE to SQL Server 2005 Express (you do want to run on Windows Vista - don't you?)

eric has great points about the reasons for sql 2005 express edition (which is still free and has better features), but i have to admit, i winced at the decision myself...the comments are very interesting to read.