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today, microsoft is announcing a funding of a project to build the , which is a set of tools to translate between office openxml and odf documents.

msft is also announcing an interop center for office 2007, which apparently is an add-in for office 2007 where you'll get PDF XLS and ODF interop.

anyhow, interesting news -- probably moreso that msft is funding this open source effort for three partners for a project hosted on sourceforge...hey, couldn't they at least have said ? ;-)

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Enron founder Ken Lay dies of heart attack

honestly, i don't know how i feel about this.  luckily i wasn't affected by the enron devistation.  i don't even know anyone who was affected.  but i read the reports, saw the lives ruined, and saw the expose movies, shows.  all of which made me sick about corporate america.  after reading/seeing 'the smartest guys in the room' -- which of course is only one view -- i was so angry at what seemingly was clear corruption and fancy accounting trickery.

ug.  anyway, i'm curious if those affected will feel 'justice' served?  not that anyone's death should be celebrated, but those looking for a fall guy don't have one.  ken lay won't spend any time in prison.  is death suffering?  in some news reports there was speculation that his estate wouldn't even be sought after for his share of the crime...if it isn't, that's a shame on the justice system.

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after my third install of vista, i again faced the problem of my IE search bar not working.

i installed 2 things prior to it not working:

well, primopdf doesn't even work in vista, so i uninstalled that

i then uninstalled the java runtime...lo and behold the ie search bar (and other things) worked again.  apparently there is a known issue with the sun java add-in -- beware...or disable it.


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some interesting posting going on over at john c. bland ii site.

john is a great guy who is well versed in the adobe realm of things (digging flex right now) and attended our mix conference and (i think) actually walked away with an appreciation (and changed perception) of what we are doing on some of the user experience areas.

his post on installing vista beta2

his post on toying with the expression tools

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along with the other ‘best practices’ analyzers that have been released (sql, security, etc.), microsoft’s now released one for asp.net 2.0!

pretty cool:

The Best Practice Analyzer ASP.NET (alpha release) is a tool that scans the configuration of an ASP.NET 2.0 application. The tool can scan against three mainline scenarios (hosted environment, production environment, or development environment) and identify problematic configuration settings in the machine.config or web.config files associated with your ASP.NET application. This is an alpha release intended to gain feedback on the tool and the configuration rules included with it.

download best practice analyzer asp.net