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my wife desperately wanted to watch the new nbc talent show thing.  i reluctantly set the tivo (repaired after a new hard drive from weaknees.com).

while feeding my newborn tonight i watched it.  or tried to.

(note: what follows is what is commonly referred to in the english language as an ‘opinion’ — it is mine…feel free to differ.)

i cannot believe that show exists.  find america’s best talent?  in what category?  apparently juggling, horn honking, snapping fingers, singing, magic, comedy, and stripping all in one!  how can you honestly find the best talent when you are mixing all the genres together (don’t get me wrong, i like juggling, but it shouldn’t be put up against a 14 year old who can sing like whitney houston).

and all this hype about regis philbin hosting.  he’s essentially playing the rod roddy of the show, doing nothing but calling people out of the audience…he played no commentary, offered no opinion on the acts or the judges contribution, etc. — i hope he’s getting paid a lot.  and then you have the judges with ‘X’ buzzers akin to the family feud.  who designed this show?  interns?

and hasselhoff…

seriously…he had it made with baywatch, does well in germany.  but his antics on this show are an embarrassment to himself, his attempt at dancing and being whimsical on queue…kitt, where are you?

this ‘talent search’ is a waste of precious bits across our airwaves, i am sick of every american idol-ish spinoff that thinks they can make it — some have, but i hope this one doesn’t.

the show is a train wreck.  and fortunately for them, because of that, it might be a must see just to know what idiocracy is happening…

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a while back i wrote a dictionary search provider for ie7.

i just found this link from eric lawrence providing an online tool for configuring your own search provider…pretty cool

opensearch provider creator

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well after installing subtext and lurking around, i decided i was sick of the “designed by tech” skins.  don’t get me wrong, most of them were good, but let’s be honest…they are designed by non-designers most of the time.

after hunting around, i realized that i’d been playing around with ruby on rails lately and as well with typo.  i remembered that an author had created a pretty cool theme for typo called ‘origami’ — well i downloaded it, deciphered all the references and created my swag at a subtext skin based on that.

lo and behold, what you are viewing is it.  (note: if you are viewing/reading this through an rss/news/feed aggregator/reader, there is nothing to see here, move along). 

if you want it, you can download it:

there are three files in the zip — one of them is clearly labeled README.  if you don’t follow the steps and email me, i’m going to send you moldy bread from my fridge…seriously please read.

i’m making some modifications to subtext to include better tagging visibility and may put those up soon.

have fun!

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i’ve moved the blog to subtext from .text 0.95.  i never got around to getting community server running correctly for me (importing data, etc.) so i figured i’d stick with the easier config…

anyhow, deployment turbulance may occur, apologies.

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i just got an email from preemptive about obfuscatin seminars coming up — might be interesting to check out and learn more about how they do/recommend it.  i’m sure in part it will be a commercial for their products, but they do have good ones (and the community edition is included in visual studio)

here’s the details — i’m sure the links were for my email address response, so if you register it will likely throw off their campaign marketing counts, but oh well…

The next series of webinars from PreEmptive Solutions will focus exclusively on best practices for developers. In the first part of the year, we focused on describing the functional components of obfuscation, the role of obfuscation in risk management and selection criteria for an enterprise obfuscation solution. Over the next three months, we will present specific tips, techniques and competencies that developers can leverage to protect their code, simplify their development process and improve the quality of their work.

Best Practices of Obfuscation Part 1- Optimal Configuration and Use
When: June 26th 1:00-1:30 PM EST
Presented by Gabriel Torok: President of PreEmptive Solutions
Participants will develop an understanding of the best practices in applying fine-grained obfuscation to maximize obfuscation value and simplifying the configuration and the build process and IDE integration to further simplify, standardize and streamline development.  Topics covered will include: Using Declarative obfuscation, Strong naming an obfuscated assembly, Dealing with Reflection, Configuring and using Incremental Obfuscation, Integrating Dotfuscator into your build process, and others.

Best Practices of Obfuscation Part 2-Competencies Needed Before Adding Obfuscation to Your Build Cycle
When: July 24th 1:00-1:30 PM EST
Presented by Jason Haley, independent consultant/analyst and author of the soon to be published white paper, Obfuscation best practices for developers.
Obfuscation and the impact of distributing obfuscated code can impact virtually every stage of an application's lifecycle.  If your organization needs to maximize protection and minimize the level of effort and complexity,  this session will articulate the competencies required to effectively integrate obfuscation into a development lifecycle.

Best Practices of Obfuscation Part 3- Gotchas for Developers Obfuscating .NET Assemblies
When: August 21st 1:00-1:30 PM EST
Presented by Jason Haley, independent consultant/analyst and author of the soon to be published white paper, Obfuscation best practices for developers.
There are always surprises in every development project, obfuscation does not need to be one of them. Participants will drill down into the most common issues that .NET developers face when obfuscating assemblies and the options available to manage them.

Register for all three - we hope you can join us!


Sebastian Holst
SVP Sales & Marketing
To register please start here