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reg of web 2.0 central posted a recent topic on ‘Top 13 reasons to consider the Microsoft platform for Web 2.0 development’ — an interesting read!

reg was an invited guest at our microsoft technology summit — and learned a lot of things that he wasn’t aware of.  while he’s still moving forward with his site in PHP, he definitely has some reasons now to ponder ‘why?’

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wilcob is presenting IronRuby at RubyEnRails 2006.

…As a result I am making available a preview of the current version…

[from wilcob post]

get the ironruby bits


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check it: www.codeplex.com

read james’ announcement for the finer details

basically — think community workspaces: source code, work item tracking, discussions, wiki, teams, security, release management.

some projects that may be appearing there: atlas control toolkit; NUnitLite, IronPython.

i’m working on getting feedreader up there within a few weeks (hopefully).

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way off topic, but pretty funny...

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the official release of web application projects is here!

download web application projects

this is to maintain the vs2003 feel of web projects, but get the benefits of vs2005 (more importantly asp.net 2.0) features.

if you are migrating a v1.1 app, this is for you!!!