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a colleague of mine was just chatting w/me about feedreader.  i thought i’d check the download counts and was amazed at the number…holy cow — talk about an ego boost!



yes, i know there are still problems with some features of feedreader.  i’ve been holding off on the source code because the place where i want the source to live isn’t ready yet…more on that later.


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On Wednesday, at two minutes and three seconds after 1:00 AM, the time and date will be:

01:02:03 04/05/06.

unless of course you aren't in the US, then it will be 01:02:03 05/04/06, but that isn't so much fun is it.

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the ie team opened a public bug database

looks like it is open to anyone — log your bugs!

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Zoe and Mom

i haven't been home much of march due to some conference and customer travel. this weekend was the first in a while i've actually been able to spend some quality time with my family. it made me realize again how important family is and how important mine is to me. my wife and daughter mean the world to me and i hope they know it. so here's a shameless pluf for the fam (even though they don't read this) -- make sure your family knows how important they are to you!

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calling mobile developers!!!!  MEDC is right around the corner and the opportunity to get best price for registration is closing quickly!  it (Mobile and Embedded DevCon) will be held May 8–11 in Las Vegas, NV at the Venetian and you can save $200 on registration if done before March 31!!!

If you are looking to keep your development skills current, and get a sneak peak at the latest Windows Mobile devices, then MEDC is the place to be!  MEDC offers the most comprehensive training available on developing mobile applications in Visual Studio 2005 for Windows Mobile 5.0 (including MSFP) using both managed and native code.  In addition, MEDC offers you the opportunity to learn from, network with and be inspired by the Windows Mobile Core Development Team, MVPs, your peers and other technical experts.  NEW: Receive one on one help from members of Windows Mobile, Visual Studio, .NET Compact Framework, and SQL Mobile product and support teams in the Code Porting and Debugging Lab.  Or test your code on the newest devices configured with OEM and operator-specific settings in the NEW Device Testing Lab.  Register Today!

visit http://www.medc2006.com for more info and to register!

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