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down with the ie hacks!  have you been implementing css hacks on your site because of various ie implementation...ahem...bugs challenges?  here's your call to action.

first, subscribe to the IE team blog.  hey you can use Squeet to do it: Squeet the IEBlog.

second, visit this link and view the postings about the hacks that won't work so well in IE7 now that the challenges have been fixed and IE7 is rendering standards compliant.

this is your call to action to get your sites working.  don't have IE7? get the beta 2 preview today: download IE7B2!!!

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...and i just wanna save my game...

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use rss? want it in your email? don’t want to install software?  check out squeet.com.

i’m a newsgator user — i like the features of it.  but my friend at axosoft built squeet and i checked it out — i haven’t been back to newsgator yet.

Squeet Me


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everytime i think i've found the end of the internet...it just keeps getting longer...

what is up with numa numa videos: http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=numa+numa

and yes.  i watched them all.