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lots of feedback of the loss of the webproj web project file in asp.net applications.  most good, some bad.  as a result, the web team has been working hard on several aspects post-RTM for asp.net v2 and visual studio 2005.

you should have by now hear about web deployment projects.

now look at the web application project (preview).  ScottGu does a great job at explaining the new web application project for visual studio 2005 and some tutorials on its use, as well as explaining some of the compilation details behind it.

take a look!

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IDE hang when modifying c# code?

check out this fix: KB910832

fix is available by calling PSS

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one of my favorite tools has released a new version, chalk full of features...

go check it out now: FinalBuilder 4

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john rivard explains why vs targets only one version of the framework

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planning on doing some winfx stuff...the november ctp is available...check out this site and note the specific installation instructions...

vista/winfx beta info