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my friends over at informative graphics released their product for sharepoint this month.

you should go check it out here: Brave Enterprise .NET

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what?! microsoft ships on time? that's right baby: vs 2005 and sql 2005 have shipped.

msdn subscribers can get them NOW

.net redist will be available sometime today on microsoft.com/downloads

update with download url:

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Microsoft has released new details on the changes to there Certification programs to find-out how this will impact you check out the new site or the faq on the site.

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well, my attempts at using various livecds and other methods have failed -- and i fear my drive is unrecoverable...nonetheless i'm trying one last thing...

as i put the boot cd in, this is what i'm greeted with:

up a creek...

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right now (and most of the day) i've been looking at this roll across my laptop screen...

File record segment 61292 is unreadable.
File record segment 61293 is unreadable.
File record segment 61294 is unreadable.
File record segment 61295 is unreadable.
File record segment 61296 is unreadable.
about a million times...

this is on a laptop i needed to get some data off of and haven't used in a while. booted up to "UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME" bsod -- wonderful.

so as i look at chkdsk scan away, i'm weighing how much that data really is worth and if recovery is even an option...woe is me.