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Microsoft has released new details on the changes to there Certification programs to find-out how this will impact you check out the new site or the faq on the site.

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well, my attempts at using various livecds and other methods have failed -- and i fear my drive is unrecoverable...nonetheless i'm trying one last thing...

as i put the boot cd in, this is what i'm greeted with:

up a creek...

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right now (and most of the day) i've been looking at this roll across my laptop screen...

File record segment 61292 is unreadable.
File record segment 61293 is unreadable.
File record segment 61294 is unreadable.
File record segment 61295 is unreadable.
File record segment 61296 is unreadable.
about a million times...

this is on a laptop i needed to get some data off of and haven't used in a while. booted up to "UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME" bsod -- wonderful.

so as i look at chkdsk scan away, i'm weighing how much that data really is worth and if recovery is even an option...woe is me.

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want to go to the socal code camp and present?

socal code camp call for speakers

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After having a conversation with Brian Goldfarb (ASPNET Product Manager), I have better insight into these jobs below.

This is a part of a study to research developer productivity.

What is it? A contract job – it is not a long-term, full-time job. How much do I get paid? I won’t quote the terms here, but if you are interested, you should apply. I will say it probably averages around $50/hr. That’s it? Yeah, but they pay for all T&E: travel, a place to stay (this is not local to any of you), food, etc. How long is it for? They tell me about a week. What else do I get out of it? The chance to be a part of a really cool study, network with MS product team folks, free training, massive networking with others, and why not, a resume builder!

Seriously, this sounded like a really cool opportunity. It is essentially a productivity study. You will be provided with a completed spec and asked to build the application. The measurements will be based on completion and there will be several teams doing it. It really sounded like fun…and you get paid for it.

Right now they are really looking for VB6/classic ASP developers big time, but apply for the .NET ones too. The links are below…let’s get some southwest people applying! If you are an independent consultant, this is ideal if you can carve out the time.

Let me know if you have any questions…

ASP Developer
Visual Basic 6 Developer
Visual Basic.NET 2003/Visual Basic 2005
ASP.Net Developer