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i awoke today to a disturbing dream. now most of my dreams usually are a result of massive paranoia -- you know the ones where you plan out what would happen on a home invasion, how fast you could get to a weapon, where you'd tell your family to hide, all sorts of crazy stuff that nobody wishes will happen

well, this morning i was shaken with something much more disturbing and random and for the life of me i cannot figure out where it came from...

my dream: a backup dancer for Eminem.

that's right: picture the mc hammer pants, hip-hoppin' my way to the lyrics of Eminem (i'm not even sure he has dancers).

anyway, weird thought while sitting on the plane -- even more weird dream...trust me.

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i was in cancun this past week on vacation... while walking around, i saw this atm for banamex -- look on the top...yep in plain sight it's a cisco router and a (didn't remember the brand) cable modem just sitting on the top of the atm. cables exposed and all. i guess i just found it kinda funny --

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now this is pretty cool: flash earth

flash app combination of virtual earth, google maps.

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call me an idiot, but i didn't know about this tool: http://www.primopdf.com/

a free pdf-print-driver-type-thing that has full pdf features (security, etc.)

a quick test showed a good output and the security seemed to work.

i haven't tested embedding fonts, etc. but it's a good little utility.

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the .NET Rocks! show is coming to Phoenix.  as a part of their roadtrip, they will be stopping by and enlightening us on mobile technologies and visual basic 2005.  they will have stuff to give out as well!

registration is required and limited, please only register if you plan on going so that others may have a chance.

register here