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from the pdc guys…

We're very pleased to announce that Bill Gates will be opening PDC05 on Tuesday, September 13th. We're also very happy to announce that Jim Allchin will also be keynoting on Tuesday. and that additional keynotes will be hosted by Eric Rudder and Steven Sinofsky, on Wednesday, September 14th.

register if you haven’t: http://www.developerpowered.com

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the july ctp of the visual studio team system is released available on msdn.

one note: if using the vsts july ctp, you *must* use the june ctp of sql 2005

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just came across this:

With .NET 2.0 comes the ability to implement what has been known in C++ as template classes. Generics are like C++ templates, only better.

Leading the development effort is Peter Golde, formerly a Lead Designer for the C# language. Peter is currently building the starting set of classes as well as incorporating ideas from the community into a set of collection classes to be made freely available to the public.

download here: PowerCollections.NET

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the folks at componentart have done it again.  they just announced their webui 3 component suite in beta.  if you already use their existing webui platform, you know how great their stuff is!  if not, install it and see what you are missing.

more info on the webui 3 release: http://www.componentart.com/whatsnew.aspx#news26

view live demo: http://webui30.componentart.com

Highlights are a super functional Grid, Callback (AJAX) controls, and Calendar controls are added to the already great WebUI suite!

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are you an absolute beginner to .net and visual studio 2005?

here’s some videos (free and over 10 hours) for you to peruse…