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in case you weren't aware...there is a cross-site scripting vulnerability in sharepoint...MS released a patch today

Patch for WSS

Patch for Team Services (SharePoint v1)

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cool: http://maps.google.com

good implementation -- great map quality.

i just noticed it and will have to play around -- hopefully they have a method of implementing a search in query params like mapquest, or better yet, web services...

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in a recent commentary by mary jo foley regarding sharepoint (gates pins hopes on sharepoint), she notes:

Microsoft officials have characterized sharepoint as "the killer app for XML."

wow, that is a lot to swallow...and i'm not sure i could agree...at all.  i've been working with sharepoint for a while (even it's predecessor portal server v1 (aka beta) and team services) as well as being a part of a joint developer program project with a client for the current version.  sharepoint is great.  i like it.  it has a lot of value for a lot of organizations right out of the box.  yeah, okay some things are weird about it and some things require a little more heavy lifting.

but, the “killer app for XML”?! -- seriously...whomever those microsoft officials are, should sit down and program against the web services for sharepoint...while some provide some great features, the implementation of the web services is, well, odd.  got a field named “First Name”?  well you may not know it, but it is really named “ows_First_0x200_Name” and if your names are really long, your fields are truncated and start getting 0-based index names on them at some point.  i understand some of the reasons for this (would have been nice for a better section in the SDK to identify these anomalies), but it isn't the best implementation that could come out of the sharepoint web services in my opinion.  don't even get me started if you've renamed your field...

anyhow, i just thought this comment was far out there...

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as a host of home games and home game tournaments, i've been looking for a decent, full-featured package to make managing the tournament easier...rather than me have to worry about it.

i bring you: www.basementclubs.com -- a windows (and .NET developed) tournament software package for poker home games...it is a great tool for those of us who play/host games.

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i didn't get to stay long this day because of my flight plans, but i did manage to see the keynote from billg.  i enjoy watching him speak...he isn't as enthusiastic these days like steveb would be, but it is still interesting to hear him speak.

kudos to billg for poking fun at himself for the davos doodle incident.

overall the conference was a good experience i felt...i got more out of networking with people than most of the content, but from what i heard from people who may not have been aware of sharepoint and other office development, it was good content for them.