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an thought provoking comment from the recent ruling in canada where file-sharing was found not illegal by one judge:

In his ruling, von Finckenstein compared the actions the file sharers to the presence of a photocopy machine in a library. "I cannot see a real difference between a library that places a photocopy machine in a room full of copyrighted material and a computer user that places a personal copy on a shared directory linked to a P2P service," he stated.

source: http://www.web-user.co.uk/news/48323.html

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remember the devdays lesson on securing your environment


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while messing with virtual pc for some testing, i came across truly the killer app (bug free)...throughout modern times it remains unscathed remember:

solitaire, circa Windows 3.11
solitaire in windows 3.11

solitaire, current day (Windows XP)

remember the days when you could shutdown windows from the file menu...

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if you haven't seen/used the sputility class before, you might want to take a look at some useful, built in functions that may come in handy from time to time...here are some highlights:

  • ChangeAccountPassword
  • CreateDateTimeFromSqlString
  • EnsureSiteAdminAccess
  • GetAllAuthenticatedUsers
  • GetFullNameFromLogin
  • GetNTFullNameandEmailfromLogin
  • GuessLoginNameFromEmail
  • MapToIcon
  • SendEmail
  • SendRequestAccessToOwner

some good stuff...

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well, i'm pretty swamped and haven't had an opportunity to finish my template 101 whitepaper.  i came across new uploads on the gotdotnet sharepoint samples and found a presentation from mikefitz regarding site definitions.

as some of you may know (what i was writing in my little whitepaper) is that frontpage editing breaks the ghosting of your template...here's an excerpt from the presentation (forgive the copy/paste formatting).  check out the presentation and other stuff on the gotdotnet sharepoint space

  • *Pages and list schema are read from the site definition files
    and cached at IIS process startup
    • Page source is on the disk, not in the DB
    • Pulled from the cache at runtime
    • It still appears to be present in the site, hence the term “ghosted”
  • *Pages are only written to the database when customized within a site
    • Browser-based customization (i.e. adding/removing web parts) does not change the actual ASPX pages, hence doesn’t unghost
    • FrontPage customization often changes ASPX pages
  • *Maximizes scalability
    • *Reuse un-customized pages across sites
    • *Reduce unnecessary data storage and retrieval