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msdn just posted another article on speeding up data access...


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i'm looking for some people who wouldn't mind testing out my beta version of feedreader...i'm simply looking for some better feedback rather than releasing and then fixing...hoping the feedback can make it better...

additionally, i've been wondering, does an ui web part pack installer help? or do people simply use the stsadm.exe tool anyway.

if you are interested in testing, please let me know via email.

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here's a preview of the expand/collapse view:


RSS FeedReader 2.2 preview

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okay, well here's the real deal.

i am currently working on several issues and am trying not to release a version that may be riddled with issues (even if it is free!).

one item that recently came up was the use of the per user cache if the user was anonymous (thus no user would be there).  i actually had plans to remove the global cache all together and use only a per user cache...this would allow for greatest flexibility and user customization...i'm debating the direction i want to go here now.

as for the numerous requests about “how can i remove the 'provided by...' information” -- all i have to say is shame on you ;-) for wanting to take that away!  well, the good news is that i have caved and removed the embedded 'provided by' statement from the footer line.  this is now replaced with a “last updated: “ label which indicates the last time the cache was refreshed with the data.

as a reminder, this is what is planned (not always what turns out) for the next release:

  • enabling proxy servers with per-user authentication (completed)
  • enabling users to specify their own formatting through XSL only
  • enhancing caching model for performance (current issue as described above)
  • enabling expand/collapse of feeds if the actual feed is to be shown
  • enhanced installer for better installation options and more user friendly (completed)

some of these are taking more time through my testing due to some issues.

keep posted here for updates...email me offline for more questions or if you absolutely must have a new version because of some of the proxy server issues.

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traveling?  if you are using america west airlines, bring your food...apparently earlier this year (i didn't pay attention), they eliminated all main cabin food service (not that it was the greatest, but hey it was something)...which would have been a nice item to know before hoping on a flight from arizona to new york over the holidays.

and for those who look at kids on the plane who are screaming...hey, the parents can't help it...yes, this was the case for me this holiday...two solid hours of blood curdling screams from the 1 year old...with staring/glaring eyes from everyone...listen up people...the kid had an ear infection...30,000 ft of altitude didn't help the situation...lay off...it is only 5 hours of your mesely life...

...oh yeah, since when did the word “fligh attendent” include the required bad attitude and complete lack of courtesy...if you don't like your job in the service industry, then quit...and spare us all...