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i'm fortunate (for me, unfortunate for my family who is without me) to be traveling on business in aspen, colorado.  if you haven't heard of it, it is a mountain community north of denver...a ski destination for sure.  while there is sprinkles of snow patches already, it is still fall here, and fall for aspen trees is remarkable.

i've never been to aspen so since i was here early i went for a walk.  i asked my driver from the airport to my hotel to suggest a place for lunch.  i got the usualy similar-sounding touristy areas.  why isn't anyone comfortable recommending what they like?  i grilled him more and told him to be honest and that i wanted to go where the locals go.  he suggested johnny mcguires.  after checking in, i looked it up and headed that direction (after getting my north bearings).

along the way i found some cool visuals along the way.  i only brought my snapshot camera (which i'm still learning to fine tune -- the normal settings still seem to have a grainy results, any help is appreciated :-)) instead of my SLR.

(old time sign on a wall of what is now a clothing store)

(this dog sat here at this water fountain for hours trying to capture the water as it came up)

i found the restaurant and settled in.  at immediate site it reminded me of two places with the same attitude.  crystal creek sandwich co (at NAU where i went to school) and cheba hut (where the only thing fried is the occasional customer).  both of these places are non-traditional, aren't the best customer friendly type joints, but have great food that comes with the "figure out what you want and we'll make it but move over for everyone else" type of attidtude.  johnny mcguires was no different and i figured that out fast.  the menu is full:


i asked for the most ordered, exactly how it is ordered...the "el buey" is what was provided.  roast beef, hot sub, cheese, onions, jalapenos (really fresh and hot)...yum. 


half a sandwich was enough -- it was a lot of food for me (sounds odd coming from a guy who could put down a box of swiss cake rolls in one sitting). 

i kept walking around aspen enjoying the social nature of aspen on a sunday afternoon and admiring the falling leaves of all colors...simply a sight to see if you haven't.  i have a few more days here and we're heading to maroon bells one day so hopefully i can get some good shots then.

sorry for the break in tech posts, but it was a refreshing break from tech for the day (except for the blog of course) :-).  off to my first meeting!

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