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the concepts of these 'devcamps' seem to be a winning formula.  a combination of open spaces, tech content, socializing, and contesting is luring people to iphone devcamps, , adobe air, and now sharepoint.

MOSSCampmy compadre dave in chicago is helping to support a in chicago.  using the barcamp site?  of course not, it is for moss :-) so they are using some of the new sharepoint features in a public site.  you can read about the plans for the 9 NOV event being held at clarity consulting.

so if you are available, in the area, and not too tired if you are coming back from devconnections in vegas, you should head over there -- it is free!

should be a good time if you are in the area.  sharepoint has really evolved to be a great platform for content management and internet sites...now that it is built on asp.net, it makes development much more flexible on that platform!

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now that silverlight is 'officially' released, maybe you've been waiting for that "RC" label to go away.  okay, no more excuses, time to start digging in.  what better way to do that then cuddle up with a few of your closest unknown friends and hack away, barcamp style!

some fine folks have organized a SilverlightDevCamp in two areas and they are free to attend and get some SWAG, some learning, and make some connections.  designers, developers, people with macbooks, everyone is welcome.

what is a silverlightdevcamp?  i'm glad you asked.


SilverlightDevCampSF is an upcoming gathering, inspired by BarCamp, to build Silverlight applications, It's organized by volunteers & Silverlight enthusiasts, with attendance free to all.

While similar to iPhoneDevCamp this event is focused on a singular technology, we'd like offer some diverse sessions like using PHP to generate Silverlight content, IronRuby/IronPython & the DLR or Moonlight on Linux.

Attendees will include web designers, developers, testers, all working together over the weekend to build Silverlight applications, share experiences, ask questions, and push the limits of web application design. If you're interested in Silverlight, but haven't had time to learn, this is your chance to get up to speed. Plus you'll be able network with other developers in the bay area who are interested in Silverlight.

stuff will be given away and some super geeks will be on hand to help with silverlight questions.  it sounds like a great time, and in 2 great cities.  unfortunately i'm in two different cities at the same time...argh.  but there are some cool peeps that i know will be there.  if you are close, you should definitely go.  if you are working on silverlight or curious, then you should be there and make time to go.

be there.  let me know how it goes.