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the concepts of these 'devcamps' seem to be a winning formula.  a combination of open spaces, tech content, socializing, and contesting is luring people to iphone devcamps, , adobe air, and now sharepoint.

MOSSCampmy compadre dave in chicago is helping to support a in chicago.  using the barcamp site?  of course not, it is for moss :-) so they are using some of the new sharepoint features in a public site.  you can read about the plans for the 9 NOV event being held at clarity consulting.

so if you are available, in the area, and not too tired if you are coming back from devconnections in vegas, you should head over there -- it is free!

should be a good time if you are in the area.  sharepoint has really evolved to be a great platform for content management and internet sites...now that it is built on asp.net, it makes development much more flexible on that platform!

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