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In case you haven’t paid attention today, Microsoft announced the upcoming developer conference in September:

BUILD with Windows 8 logo

Registration is now open so get registered…and save $500 now.  For a preview of what is coming in Windows, be sure to check out all the details at the company release “Previewing ‘Windows 8’” which includes a video walk through of some of the features.

Then go register for BUILD!

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Well PDC10 is over (note: head on over to the PDC site to view all the sessions).  There was a lot of talk about Internet Explorer 9 (and another preview update) as well as general web development.  There had been some reports on the 2nd day of PDC commenting about the shift in strategy about Silverlight.

You may have read the initial story from Mary Jo Foley which led to the tsunami of information about Silverlight being done, over and killed except for the Windows Phone 7 platform.  Other popular news outlets picked up on the story, reporting on it and adding their own, yet unconfirmed, statements to the situation. 

Please take a moment and click here to read the update from Bob Muglia about Silverlight.

Many of you have emailed me personally asking for information.  I sincerely appreciate your candor and contact in reaching out.  I’ve strived to be a transparent individual and an approachable one as well within the beast that is Microsoft.  I’ve never hid my contact information and do my best (not always successful) at responding to inquiries.

Please be sure to read Bob’s message above.  It re-affirms our commitment to Silverlight.  A number of us wanted to share our feelings immediately upon this news storm, but wanted to ensure that you heard it from the top.  I’ll add my own personal commentary here…

One email I got (in response to all this news hype) was from a CIO expressing concern about his decision to use Silverlight in a multi-million dollar application investment he was making.  He wanted to know if his bet would be a good one.  My response had nothing to do about which technologies are better than the other.  Here is basically what I shared:

This past year I decided to take a deeper role in the engineering side of Silverlight.  In making this decision I had to relocate to Redmond.  This involved me relocating my family away from our comfort zone and having to start completely new.  It was perhaps the biggest personal change in my life I’ve made yet.  My kids left their friends, as did we.  My wife left her close knit family in AZ.  My wife stopped a business she was just getting great momentum on before this decision.  We sold our house at a significant personal financial loss.  We moved to an area where home prices didn’t fall like we were used to and thus aren’t in a position of buying power.  You’ll forgive me if I say that no software project has made more of a bet on Silverlight than I have personally this year.

I don’t write this to ask anyone to have pity on me that I lost money on my house…I’m a big boy and understand what consequences mean.  I write this to hit more at the heart that I’m personally invested in the success of Silverlight.  I uprooted my family and a comfortable lifestyle to work closer with it.  I’ve made a big bet on Silverlight.  I hope to see it continue to grow.  I don’t have a crystal ball and nobody can tell the future in 5-10 years, but in the near term that I can tell you we’re invested in Silverlight.

Here’s some good reading:

Now, we’ve got a team busy working on the next version of Silverlight so we better get back to work and away from this distraction.

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Well, PDC09 is over and it was a blast.  What a relief it is to finally be able to show the world what the Silverlight team has been working on since Silverlight 3.  Based on the feedback at the conference, people are excited to dig into the new bits and start building solutions. 

As a round-up of resources from PDC, I’m putting some of my favorites here.

Video Content

For some of the PDC09 key Silverlight sessions, these are what I recommend:

  • CL01 – Microsoft Silverlight 4 Overview (Karen Corby)
  • CL02 – Silverlight 3 Advanced Performance and Profiling (Seema Ramchandani)
  • CL06 – Networking and Web Services (Yavor Georgiev)
  • CL07 – Mastering WCF RIA Services (Dinesh Kulkarni)
  • CL19 – Building Line of Business Applications with Silverlight 4 (David Poll)
  • CL20 – Improving and Extending the Sandbox with Silverlight 4 (Joe Stegman)
  • CL21 – Building Line of Business Applications with Silverlight and RIA Services (Brad Abrams)
  • CL22 – Advanced Topics for Building Large-scale Applications with Silverlight (John Papa)
  • CL24 – XAML Futures in Microsoft .NET Framework (Rob Relyea)
  • CL32 – Developing Testable Silverlight Applications (Keith Jones)
  • CL08 – Custom Behaviors for Advanced Microsoft Silverlight UI Effects (Peter Blois)
  • CL36 – Deep Dive on Bing maps Silverlight Control (Keith Kinnan)
  • PR03 – Integrate Microsoft Silverlight with SharePoint 2010 (Paul Stubbs)
  • FT24 – Building Extensible RIAs with Managed Extensibility Framework (Glenn Block)

These would be my “not miss” ones for Silverlight.  To help you get the videos faster, I’ve cooked up a few helpful links:

  • WMV Podcast RSS Feed (for Zune or other WMV players) – this is the WMV hi-res videos
  • iTunes/iPod Podcast RSS Feed – this is MP4 format so you can use it for any MP4 player.  As of the writing of this post, the MP4 encoding wasn’t done yet, but if you subscribe here you’ll get them when they are.
  • Windows Media Center playlist – want the 10-foot experience?  Here’s a set of playlist files for Windows Media Center.  Unzip the folder in your Public Videos folder for Media Center (or wherever you have your video content discoverable).  These point to the same hi-res videos that you would watch online.

I hope that helps get the most out of the video content for Silverlight.

Blog Content

There was some great blogging going on in the flurry of PDC and Silverlight 4 announcements as well.  Here are some I wanted to ensure you saw:

These were some of the highlights I wanted to call out.

Learning Resources

In case you missed the links in my guide post to Silverlight 4, there are 17 videos and code downloads that were launched for Silverlight 4.  In addition here’s some other resources:

Hopefully this should all get you started.  PDC was great.  Launching Silverlight 4 beta was awesome and I was able to talk to a lot of folks and get even more feedback for our requested features and what people are thinking about them.  Trust me your feedback will make it’s way back to the overall Silverlight team to see how people are using and planning to use the new features!

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PDC is coming…it’s only a few weeks away.  Are you going?  I am and I couldn’t be more excited.  I’m coming in Sunday and helping with a workshop on Monday.  Then the rest of the week will likely be a blur.

If you are going (and even if you aren’t), there is one party you will not want to miss.  Last year "The Underground @ PDC” was a great party and gathering of geeks.  The Gu, Scott Guthrie, was there.  As was Don Box and Scott Hanselman dishing out the geek humor and flames toward one another.  It was great.  And the venue for the after-geekiness was amazing…one of the coolest pubs/bar/whatever I’ve been to.

Well, it’s back.

Underground at PDC logo

This year it’s at a place called the Conga Room, which looks to be a latin fusion kind of place.  If there is a Buena Vista Social Club-like band or any form of Mariachi, you might not be able to pull me away. 

The Gu is on the agenda as well for this party.  The best part about this party: FREE.  The only catch – you need an invitation code.  I’ve got one at the bottom of this post.

This event/party is being provided by one of the evangelism teams at Microsoft.  Last year I had a great time mingling with folks and seeing a bunch of live podcast interviews going on with some of the names you’d recognize in the geek world.  It was a blast.  This year promises to be no different. 

You don’t have to be a PDC attendee to go to the party…if you are a SoCal developer and couldn’t make it to PDC, this is for you – you simply have to register.  If you can make it (please don’t register ‘just because’) – visit the registration site and use the RSVP code: arpile.  This code is good for a limited amount of registrations…once it’s gone, it’s gone.  This code is at it's maximum registrations.  Follow UndergroundPDC on Twitter where they will be giving out more codes.  I’ve heard about a very cool special surprise that will be there too – can’t say anything though – I’ll be uninvited…and I don’t want that.

I hope to see you at PDC and at The Underground @ PDC!

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It’s getting to be that time of year again…PDC!!!  For those who may not know, “PDC” is the beloved TLA for Microsoft’s Professional Developer Conference.  This is it.  The geeks conference.  If you are a bit twiddler, this is for you.  PDC is where most of the forward-looking stuff is revealed.  It is also where certain executives come out for their semi-annual keynote ;-).

Microsoft PDC logo

PDC is in their 14th year!  Amazing.  The conference, held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from 17-19 NOV (with pre-cons happening on 16-NOV), will be awesome.  Learn about new stuff, see things you haven’t even heard of yet, and network with the industry’s best.  Silverlight will have some representation there of course and you can see some hints already on the session listings:

It is going to be a great PDC for Silverlight and I will definitely be there to hang out with the developers and listen to your feedback about Silverlight and see what you are doing with it.  Follow PDC09 on Twitter or search for #pdc09 for information updates.

Join me in LA!  And if anyone wants to help me find the Kogi BBQ truck while there this time, let me know ;-)