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FeedReader is a web part for Microsoft SharePoint server products (MOSS and WSS).  It’s purpose is to aggregate more than one feed in a single web part.  The built-in XML and RSS web parts for SharePoint only allow one feed by default.  feedreader can support Atom or RSS feeds.  Please report any issues as a Work Item on the project.  Source code is also available on the project site under a very permissive license.

Thanks for using feedreader!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution By license.

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In February, the SharePoint team released a Visual Studio extensions kit for SharePoint development.  Just recently they released a user guide complete with samples and walkthroughs.  The sections include:

    • Starting out in SharePoint Development
    • Walkthrough of the VS extensions
    • Team Site project
    • Blank Site project
    • List Definition project
    • Web Part project
    • Workflow projects
    • Project Item Templates
    • Best practices for the VS extensions

They also note that a VS2008 extensions release looks to be targeted for June 2008.  Paul Andrew has all the details with some snapshots on his blog post as well.

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feedreader, my sharepoint web part originally built for sharepoint 2003, has been consumed by quite a few people (which i think is cool -- it is a rare moment when a lowly d00d like me can fill a gap).  while sharepoint 2007 has better built-in support for syndicated feeds (actually 2003 did already with the xml web part), i still think feedreader has some advantages that can be leveraged.

a while back i put feedreader on codeplex, an open source sharing ground.  i used the microsoft public license so anyone can download, alter, and profit from the code.  i did this because i was getting feature requests weekly as well as some of the problematic issues that i never fixed (namely proxy server support needs to be better).  i thought to myself that there way better developers out there than me and can actually help out.  i wanted to prove my own theory wrong.

well, there wasn't a ton of contributions (more work items though), but over the past month i got another one of those requests.  and just the other day, the rss feed from my codeplex project source code check-ins delivered this to me:

1) Added the code that jdenicola suggested in the codeplex discussion forum to fix the object reference... error. The error is caused by the cache being empty. Which is weird since the PartCacheWrite line is being called, but when it reads it doesn’t return anything. Might be environmental, but I didn’t spend too much time trying to figure it out.
2) Changed the cache key from this.Parent.ClientID to this.ClientID (neither key affected the results of PartCacheRead)
3) Moved the assignment of the graphic to the web part code from the .dwp. This fixed the display of the icon at the top right in the title bar, but it still didn’t display the graphic in the web part library. Could be a SharePoint bug not reading the property. The properties PartImageSmall and PartImageLarge are obsolete. I used TitleIconImageUrl and CatalogIconImageUrl (but still couldn’t get the catalog icon image to show up)
4) Repackaged it in a .wsp for WSS 3.0. I included a new manifest file, a couple .ddf’s, and some stsadm commands to handle the install/upgrade from a build event.
5) Added .snk files so assemblies could be strong named and added to the GAC
6) Added setting for "Expand Headline Descriptions by Default" which, when checked, will expand the item descriptions when the page first loads instead of showing them as collapsed (assuming the headline descriptions are not hidden)
7) Added a div tag with a class called sg-item-description surrounding the item descriptions which the user can overload to control the look (background color, border, text size, etc.) of the description

sweet.  a contribution...and a good one at that.  several things were fixed and a few added.  the contributor, ryan mcintyre really stepped up because he saw some things he could fix and leverage for his own benefit as well.  i should also note that flickr4writer also got some contributions from josh holmes a few months back as well.  it is cool to see some progress on something i hadn't had the time to work on and to that i say 'thank you' to ryan for making feedreader a better experience!

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over the past 6 months i've received numerous questions whether or not a user group for sharepoint existed in arizona.  it didn't (there was one but it drizzled away), but i'm happy to announce that some volunteers rallied to start another one.  they have set a date for their first meeting or the arizona sharepoint professionals group.

here's the information i have:

Date:  Thursday, 31 JAN 2008
Time: 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Locations: University of Advancing Technology, 2625 W Baseline Rd, Tempe, AZ

they are asking people to register (not sure why) so if you plan on attending, please do register for them.  you can click the registration link here.  if you experience problems registering, i'd say just show up :-).  sorry, no web site for further information other than the registration site.  if you do go, encourage them to do 2 things for me (i'll be in denver or i'd go): 1) start an email group instead of a forum and 2) post their events on azgroups.com so others can see (i've posted this first one).