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Two SDK libraries have released this week, helping developers integrate Silverlight experiences into their applications.

Bing Maps Silverlight Control

At TechEd Europe, the Bing Maps team released version 1.0 of the official Bing Maps Silverlight Control!  This is a replacement for the previous Virtual Earth Javascript control and provides a great DeepZoom experience for using the mapping platform.  Here’s some of the great features for Silverlight developers:

  • Built on Silverlight 3!
  • Designer support for Expression Blend
  • Support for out-of-browser
  • Vector in Pushpin class
  • Data binding – much needed and welcomed
  • UI enhancements (animations for simple features)
  • Embeddable maps

Great release, and a great addition to any Silverlight developer’s toolbox.

Bing Maps in Silverlight using Layer shapes

Download the SDK here: Bing Maps Silverlight Control SDK and check out the interactive SDK.

Facebook .NET SDK

An updated (actually 3.0) release of the Facebook .NET SDK was also released.  Are you a .NET developer writing Facebook applications or desiring to integrate the social network into your applications?  Check out the Facebook .NET SDK which provides:

  • Silverlight-compatible assembly for handling all the logic to communicate with Facebook platform and has specific support for XAML data binding.
  • Web API for Facebook IFrame/FBML applications
  • Using ASP.NET MVC?  There’s an assembly to support that model as well

The Facebook .NET SDK encapsulates the interaction with the developer platform for Facebook and should help .NET developers in web or client get started in a familiar way with Facebook.  I’m excited to see what folks might do with Silverlight and Facebook!

Download the Facebook .NET SDK here and get links to getting started with the Facebook API.

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