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Public service announcement – if you don’t use my Foxit PDF Previewer, please move along…there is nothing to see here :-).

When Windows 7 Beta came out (build 7000), there was indeed a confirmed issue where the Foxit PDF Previewer would not work at all on 64-bit versions.  There were no install warnings, it just wouldn’t work.  It turns out this was a Windows 7 beta bug for 64-bit (some COM registering stuff if you care to know).  This was found immediately and was fixed in later Windows 7 builds (I confirmed internally with the team and had been testing daily builds).

NOTE: This issue should have only affected 64-bit versions of Windows 7 beta.  32-bit versions were reporting unaffected.

If you will be testing out the Windows 7 Release Candidate for 64-bit, I can assure you that Foxit PDF Previewer will run fine on that build (I’m running it now).  If you choose to install the release candidate on top of the beta, you may run into issues where it thinks it still isn’t working.  I recommend if you are going to go this route, uninstall the PDF Previewer and then run the install again.  This will correct the registering of the software correctly.

I hope this helps!  The download link for the Foxit PDF Preview handler is the same as the Vista one located here.

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