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while i'm off galavanting in the aspen trees, some of my counterparts are up in san francisco attending zendcon, a php conference.

some updates on some news that microsoft is announcing at zendcon...

    • FastCGI for PHP -- this was a collaborative project between zend and microsoft to build a better fastcgi implementation for windows.  announced today will be that zend will be redistributing FastCGI in Zend Core.  additionally, zend will make sure that FastCGI is supported in the server core installation option for windows server 2008!
    • zend and microsoft partnered again to provide a component for the zend framework for php developers/apps to make use of supporting information cards for identity integration.
    • finally, microsoft is making available a first preview build of a sql server 2005 driver for php.  this is designed to enable php developers to have a reliable and scalable driver for sql server.

so php developers, what do you think?

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