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Our current route on The Code Trip takes us to Boulder, Colorado on March 18 to the Boulder .NET User Group!  I'm really excited about this stop in Boulder, CO as we've managed to get some help from great partners to demonstrate some very cool developer stuff they are working on.

Specifically, Quark and me.dium will be there to talk to the group.  Quark will be showing us some stuff they've been working on for WPF and Silverlight.  me.dium is a company that I met at MIX08 last week that were showing off some great stuff they've done with Internet Explorer 8.  They will be there to show the group some of that stuff and share their experiences working with IE8 early bits.

And, of course, we'll be giving stuff away.  We've got software, Windows Mobile devices, books, and more.  Be sure to show up to participate.  You can view the details of the visit on the Code Trip event section here.

See you in Boulder!!!

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