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The MountainWest RubyConf 2008 is upon us just 2 weeks away in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to be there given my travel with The Code TripIronRuby, however, was able to be a sponsor of this year's conference as a Gold Sponsor.  This sponsorship is one part that enables video production of the conference for afterwards as well as a few other things.  The organizers have done a great job getting great sponsors to make this happen, and IronRuby is grateful to be a part of that.

One thing that was recently released was the Dynamic Silverlight support in Silverlight 2.  This enables Ruby (via IronRuby) to be the language that you can write Silverlight applications with.  I would have loved to be at MountainWest this year to demonstrate this as I think some Ruby developers doing web programming with Rails would find this interesting.  Essentially writing Ruby on the server and Ruby on the client (not Ruby translated to Javascript, but real Ruby).  That end-to-end language implementation I think might be interesting for some developers.  So in case I'm confusing the issue...IronRuby enables a developer to use Ruby as the scripting language in the browser using Silverlight as that bridge in the browser.  The Dynamic Silverlight site has the bits and John Lam's blog has a 3 part quick tutorial of implementation that you can check out.

I've been clamoring to get some Ruby in my Silverlight for a while and hope to post some samples of that scenario of using IronRuby in Silveright and Ruby on Rails on the server...anyone got a scenario that is common that you may want to see?

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