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well, it's been a while since the phoenix installfest and i've been behind on a few things.  on 20 dec 2007, the arizona user group communities hosted the phoenix installfest in tempe, arizona.  special thanks to a lot of people, but namely scott cate, spike xavier, lorin thwaits (cameraman), steele price and my comrades rob bagby, eric strait and dan willis

tempe center for the arts was our host venue for the night.  i personally thought it was a kick arse venue even if the food was not the greatest (blame me for that, but you shouldn't complain, it was free ;-)).  a lot of work went into organizing that event down to the wire and i was glad to see over 200 people show up.  i wish we could have hosted more, but we were limited by the venue!

at the end of the night, a lot of people stayed the entire time, a lot of great prizes were distributed and best of all, the attendees walked away with a copy of visual studio 2008 for thanks in being a part of the user communities.  if you aren't a part of a .net user group in your area -- find one and get involved.  participate and be active.

we shot some video from the event and i put it up on silverlight streaming services for you to see.  it doesn't auto play so after the initial buffering, hit the play button:

thanks again to everyone who showed up and hopefully you had some fun in tempe!

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