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wow, i find myself every four years having the same thoughts when presidential elections happen.  i think of the same things every type of election (less on very local ones because that is where candidates actually do have some immediate impact i think).

a little over 3 years ago now i remembered listening to the same type of stuff.  i wrote how my campaign for elementary school student president was that i'd put grape soda in the drinking fountains.  as i watch all these debates and the enamoring of the mainstream media airwaves, i begin to laugh again.  i'm not into politics too much, but i know (maybe i'm jaded/cynical) that whatever any candidate says isn't going to happen without the support of the senate/house.  and i know that the 'for the people' attitude has since been long gone in american politics.

i'm a registered democrat but i'm not sure why.  i'm sure at some point i checked something on a registration form.  i don't really claim a party beyond that.  i choose my values/beliefs as a party rather than a political one.  i like things that both parties are passionate about.  with this presidential election, i see massive divisiveness among the candidates and i think that's bad for us all.  you see, i think the election system for presidents is flawed.  the electoral college seems outdated to me.  what's so wrong with a popular vote?  when i hear rumblings of what romney claims happened in west virginia (and huckabee's not denying it), i get sick.  the interest of the people's desires don't count anymore.  it's all about back-door promises.  i laughed when someone suggested an obama-clinton ticket.  you think either one of those don't have their running mate planned based on promises?  c'mon. (did i mention i love conspiracy theories?)

with this years candidates i've decided that i'm not listening to their promises.  maybe a little, but i know that the 'change' so promised by all will not come without the backing of all...and that is not going to happen.  so i rely on a completely lame decision tree -- who do i think is most 'presidential' and can best represent the country to others.  i don't think any candidate is immune from new imitations on saturday night live...that's not what i'm after.  but my decision comes down to 2 of the candidates who i think are most presidential.

first, it isn't clinton.  quite frankly a bush-clinton-bush-clinton 16 year stint disgusts me.  are we a democracy or a dynasty?

my choices: obama or romney.  obama has impressed me as one of the most polished speakers i've ever seen.  barely using prompters or cue cards, he is so incredibly confident.  i swear he is a zig ziglar graduate.  he walks and talks with confidence.  that's impressive.  he's seemingly humble most of the time as well.  romney as well talks like an amazing politician.  and look at the guy...ultra clutch hair and a solid chin.  he looks like a president.  now i don't profess to know anything about either of these two backgrounds so don't flame me there -- i'm admitting my selection process has corrupted to lameness.  i just look at both of these guys and thing they are the most polished representatives behind a lecturn giving the state of the union.  yes, lame.

we'll see what happens when we express our voices and it doesn't matter vote come november.  for me right now it is somewhat exciting to watch all this politicking going on despite the fact that most american's don't even get it.  we're deciding based on accusations we see during commercials, and not doing our homework.  despite all that, i'll vote (so i can still complain if needed), and you should too -- our voting turnouts in this country are sickeningly low -- and that's the reason that politics is politics now -- the people don't voice enough.  we've let others decide what is best for us, and that's wrong.  register to vote.  then vote.  get your damn sticker.

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