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AZ Pipeline Fails Test

so within all the hype and the idiots topping off their tanks with their $4 fill-up, causing the rest of us procrastonators who actually need gas to wait an hour in line at gold canyon because that was the closest place that had the gold that is petrol...now we have feds telling us what we can/can't buy?

i had no idea it was regulated how much was allowed in, but that could be my ignorance...i don't pay attention too much to environmental issues...i just don't have time in between burning paint and throwing my car oil in the normal trash cans...but then i read this:
"Valley drivers had received a double dose of good news on Tuesday: Tests were beginning on the cracked pipeline, and a clean-air regulation had been temporarily lifted to allow more gas into the area.

The federal Environmental Protection Agency temporarily lifted regulations requiring the Valley to use clean-burning gasoline during the summer. That will allow fuel from more areas to come into the Valley."

Can they do that? I can see it now..."The Food and Drug Administration in combination with Pres. Bush's health council have limited Taco Bell supply shipments to the valley, reducing the number of Chalupas that will be able to be consumed"

then i'll be pissed.

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