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It’s that time of year my friends in Arizona.  No, I’m not talking about when the air conditioners start get turned on, nor how the golf green fee rates are reduced or the snowbirds fly away…although those are good things as well.

I’m talking geek fest time.  Mark your calendars:

26 May 2009 – 8:00 AM

The community leaders in the area have organized another big event for your benefit.  So who is coming?  Here’s the rundown:

Glenn Block – come see why you should get addicted to MEF.  Don’t know what it is?  That’s an even better reason to come.  If you haven’t learned about MEF, you’ll want to see what Glenn has to show and talk about…it’s quite cool.

Jaime Rodriguez – from the WPF side of the house, Jaime is coming to talk about WPF development and the continuum of reusing skills (and some code) from Silverlight and WPF development.  Want to know what is going on in the WPF world?  Come and ask Jaime. 

NOTE: Also don’t forget to register for the Phoenix WPF training event for free as well! Info here and Register here for the WPF LOB Tour.

And last but not least…

Scott Guthrie – he returns to brave the early heat of the desert!  Scott is ready to talk about Silverlight and ASP.NET MVC frameworks and what his teams are up to.  Bring your questions and take advantage of this opportunity to talk with the one responsible for building the web platform for Microsoft.

This truly sounds like a great event and one NOT TO MISS!  Tell your co-workers and friends.  This is a free event!  You can register for this event here.  Please come and spread the word to support this community event.  Your community leaders will thank you (and be able to do more things like this for the community).

Spread the word! REGISTER

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